Reach. Climb. Go.

The next generation iBOT is here. Offering extraordinary levels of mobility and performance.
With its rich history of innovation, now fully updated with the latest technology.
Ready to go where you want to go.


For close quarters, lower obstacles and moderate inclines in both indoor and outdoor settings.


For driving up and down steeper inclines, and over a wide variety of terrain.  Climb up and down curbs.  Dynamically stabilized four-wheel drive makes it possible.


For moving and interacting at eye-level.  Engages the iBOT’s patented balancing technology to provide a truly unique experience in personal mobility.


Allows you to climb up and down stairs, both indoor and outdoor.  Climb independently or with an assistant, depending on your specific ability.


iBOT balances. It moves on two wheels. Need we say more?
OK, we will.
Move and interact at eye level. Reach that kitchen cabinet. Converse eye-to-eye with that tall friend as he strolls down the sidewalk. Saddle up to that bar. Dance. And do all of this while feeling stable and secure. Bonus points for you users out there who know what “dithering” is and why we think it’s a cool feature.


With iBOT, when you climb up or down a curb, you stay level. Why drive down a busy street to find the next curb cut when you can just drive up the curb?



If an ATV had a quieter, smarter cousin, its name would be iBOT. iBOT engages all four of its large drive wheels while automatically keeping your seat level. This opens up all sorts of varied terrain, so you can go way beyond your typical backyard exploration. Hills and inclines are everywhere. Dirt, mud, gravel, snow - the world is covered with the stuff. You can explore it all in an iBOT.