Mobius Mobility is fortunate to be located in Manchester, NH. Manchester is New Hampshire’s largest city, with a population topping 110,000, and in recent years has emerged as a technology and business hub for northern New England. In addition to a growing restaurant, entertainment and art scene, our home town offers easy access to the beach, mountains, and Boston all within an hour +/- drive. Like many old mill towns established along the major rivers of New England, Manchester has a rich history rooted in industry, manufacturing, and innovation. The other thing it has – in truly vast quantities – is office space. But not just any space – space in really cool mill buildings with high ceilings, open floors, huge windows, and tons of natural light – and that’s perfect for Mobius Mobility.

We had a pretty clear vision of what we wanted (and didn’t want) when we selected and designed our space. Open, flexible, and functional for employees. Warm, welcoming, and fun for visitors – vendors, partners, and especially for iBOT® Personal Mobility Device (“iBOT® PMD”) users, their family, friends, and caregivers. No cube farms. Not too formal.

Here are some pictures of how our space progressed:

And here are some shots of the finished product. Since we provide the iBOT® PMD, obviously our space needs lots of obstacles, terrain, and stairs for users to explore. So our space looks more like a driving school or vehicle proving ground than an office, which is fine with us….

We also wanted the look and feel to be bright and welcoming. And note the similarities and subtle hints to our website….

Each time an iBOT® PMD user visits, we try to make it not only informative and educational, but fun as well. To that end, we have some nice amenities for our users and anyone that comes to visit with them. Including our own mini-café, with coffee and snacks!