The iBOT® PMD has 4 drive modes available to help you get where you want to go, as independently as possible. Each mode is intended for different environments, terrains and tasks. In the next few posts we will provide a brief overview of the different modes. First up, 4-Wheel Mode.

4-Wheel Mode on the iBOT® PMD is where it’s at! This is where accessibility meets the road. All four wheels are actively engaged moving with scrub like turning action. This strength and power allows you to move more independently when outside. Inside, that scrub turning could be rough on your carpets, but outside its amazing! (Standard Mode is recommended when in the house). 4-Wheel Mode comes with an added bonus, Terrain Following. This feature allow you to maintain your seat angle automatically when going up and down slopes. So no more falling forward when coming down a hill or curb cut.

Some examples of things you might find you can do with the iBOT® PMD in 4-Wheel Mode include:

  • Follow your children across the grass to the play structure in the park
  • Tour a historic district that is more cobblestone than accessible
  • Get out of the road and up a 5” curb when some car or construction is blocking the curb cut
  • Make your way through the snow and get to class on time
  • Travel over sand and get closer to the water’s edge at the beach
  • Walk your dog on the trails through the park down the street

4-Wheel Mode really allows you to access your community like never before. Please remember, the
chair does not operate itself. You do need to exercise good judgement, assess obstacles and control
your speed. Always consult your trusted wheelchair clinic specialist.

To quote a favorite author, Dr. Seuss “Oh, the Places you’ll go!”

Enjoy the ride!