Are you ready to Reach. Climb. Go?

You might be wondering what the process looks like for delivering your new iBOT® Personal Mobility Device (PMD).  The process is similar to any other mobility device:

Step 1:  Get a prescription from your physician. If the physician has any questions, and with the client’s permission, we can conduct a phone or teleconference call with the physician to explain our process and discuss the need for a prescription.

Step 2: Schedule a clinical examination with your therapist. Contact Mobius Mobility at 1-833-3GO-IBOT (1-833-346-4268) or with the preferred date and time and we will set up a remote consultation with you (the prospective iBOT® user), your therapist/seating specialist, and one of our supplier Assistive Technology Professionals (sATP). The assigned Mobius sATP will participate via phone and/or HIPAA-compliant video conferencing, to provide your therapist with all the iBOT® specific information they need to make the seating system meet your needs.

Ideally, your therapist and you will have a therapeutic history, which will enable the clinician to have informed opinions on which components would be appropriate for your use with the iBOT®. The team at Mobius will help facilitate your seating evaluation to ensure we achieve compatibility and comfort in your custom seating for the iBOT®. Think of us like a remote durable medical equipment (DME) supplier.

The Mobius sATP’s role is to advise the participants about the clinical variables involved with your seating options. Please note that the iBOT® PMD is not appropriate for all powered wheelchair users. Ultimately, the clinical decisions are the responsibility of  you and your therapy team.

Step 3: Review and approve the order. To finalize this collaborative process, we will provide you with a summary of the proposed seating components for review. Once the component list, quote, and funding have been approved by you and your therapy team, we will order your new iBOT®!

Step 4: Fitting and training.  When the seating components and iBOT® powerbase are delivered, we will schedule your fitting and training  with our sATP. Training, which typically requires two days, is completed at our Manchester, NH location. If requested, an after-visit summary will be sent to your clinician following the completion of your iBOT® fitting and training.

We at Mobius Mobility are looking forward to collaborating with you!