In the current climate where direct contact is often limited, obtaining an evaluation for an iBOT® Personal Mobility Device (iBOT®PMD) is possible via tele-conferencing.

What is tele-conferencing?

RESNA defines tele-conferencing as: a delivery model for providing services at a distance using telecommunication technology.

At Mobius Mobility we use a HIPAA-compliant video conference platform (such as Microsoft Teams or GoToMeeting) to participate in your seating assessments. By participating remotely, or tele-conferencing, we expedite the process of delivering your iBOT® and reduce the time spent in direct contact. Some facilities may require you to use an alternate HIPAA-compliant platform, which we are happy to accommodate.

How does tele-conferencing work with an iBOT® evaluation?

When you notify Mobius Mobility of the date and time of your wheelchair clinic appointment, we will send you a link via email for our video conference platform. At your appointment, a Mobius Mobility supplier Assistive Technology Professional (sATP) can review expectations for the use of the iBOT® and identify needed seating and positioning components, while all necessary participants are present (you, your therapist, and us!). A seating therapist’s clinical input is needed for component selection to optimize fit and function. The Mobius Mobility sATP, with his/her experience with the clinical implications of the iBOT®, will assist with the iBOT® ordering process. Video conferencing allows all of us to see you in a seated position so that informed decisions can be made about your custom seating configuration.  The video platform also allows for screen sharing, so we can show you and your clinician various components that might be considered.

A tele-conference with Mobius Mobility is your first step to Reach. Climb. Go!