Are you wondering about the iBOT® PMD? Read below for the top 10 questions asked by potential users.

Where can I demo the iBOT®?

We travel to events and trainings and schedule demos in the local area as we go. Give us a call today and we will let you know when we are in your area to schedule a free demonstration! 833-346-4268.

If I am taking my iBOT® out to the beach in 4-Wheel Mode how can I clean the sand off to go back in the house?

The iBOT® powerbase electronics are sealed which means it can be washed off after activities in the grass, mud, or beach. Simply use a garden hose to wash off the powerbase.

How can I travel with an iBOT®?

  • The iBOT® is approved for flying cargo on all domestic and international flights!
  • The iBOT® is also approved for Occupied Transport in a vehicle through the EZ Lock docking or 4-point tie downs.
  • Unoccupied, the seat back folds down to fit in the back of a small SUV or can be lifted into a truck bed too so you can go where you want to go!

Do I have to climb stairs?

Stair climbing is optional! The iBOT® Modes are configurable – we can disable Stair mode if you choose not to stair climb. This would shorten your initial training and could always be added on at a later date with more training.

We like to think of stair climbing as the “cherry on top” of the sundae – the 4-Wheel and Balance Modes alone enable huge amounts of independence through varied terrain and interactions at eye level.

Will my insurance/Medicare/Medicaid pay for the iBOT®?

Some insurances have covered part or all of the cost. We have a funding specialist team to help you find out what reimbursements you are eligible for, and we also offer financing to aid with the remaining cost. Give us a call and we can discuss the process with you. 833-346-4268.

How do I approach my physician about getting a prescription for an iBOT®?

Let us know that you are interested in becoming an iBOT® user and we will send along the prescription form for you to submit to your doctor. We are also happy to have a video conference with your doctor to answer any questions they may have about the iBOT®.

How is service handled?

We have direct service model with 90% of issues resolved over the phone with one of our technicians. They are available with a 24/7 emergency service phone line. The iBOT® is design to be ultra-durable which means most repairs are wear items such as tires. All wear items are customer replaceable – we send you the parts and you or a friend can easily complete the repair following our step-by-step instructions & video. For any more major repairs we can work with a preferred wheelchair technician in your local area or send one of our technicians to you. Check out our service blog post for more information.

How does training happen?

You will spend 2-3 days at our training facility in Manchester, NH for comprehensive training.  Training time varies.  Training modules will cover device components, operation, and environments of use in all modes, maintenance, and resolving alerts.

This is a multi-modal device that offers features to help you access a wider variety of environments and situations – so even longtime wheelchair users will need at least 1.5 days of training. If you cannot travel to Manchester, NH – we will work with you to schedule a more local training.

Can I travel with the Lithium Ion Batteries?

Yes – the iBOT® batteries meet all the criteria of the United Nations Manual of Tests and Criteria (aka. They are approved for flight!). Lithium Ion also provides the benefit of being light weight and low maintenance allowing you and the iBOT® to go farther for longer!

What is included in the price?

  1. iBOT® PMD power base
  2. Motion Concepts Ultra Low Maxx Rehab Seat.
    1. This includes: single-post fold-down or cane back, standard backrests, armrests, leg rests/footrests, and pelvic positioning belt
    2. Available add-ons: selection of headrests, postural supports, assist handle, and cushions
  3. User Controller
    1. With retractable joystick
    2. Shortcut Controls available as an option
  4. USB port for charging accessories
  5. Batteries and charger
    1. Option to add on range extension
  6. Securement brackets for tie down
  7. Training
  8. Unlimited phone customer support
  9. 5 year Limited Warranty