At Your Service: Lifetime Support for your iBOT® Needs

When choosing a power wheelchair, the quality of its service team and availability of replacement parts are some of the most important factors to consider. It’s important that the company chosen for service needs is reliable and responsive. Mobius Mobility is committed to that standard, and we are proud to offer exceptional service to our community of iBOT® users. Continue reading for quick facts on service for iBOT® users.  

Did you know that…

  • 95% of our service inquiries are handled via a trained iBOT® technician clearing a code remotely over the phone or shipping parts directly to your door. A lot of iBOT® parts are easily replaceable and come with detailed instructions for the installation – as simple as IKEA or LEGO sets!
  • A typical power wheelchair may cost up to 30% of the chair’s value in maintenance/repair over the course of its 5-year lifetime – this could mean between $1500 and $2600 a year or more, according to the WMTP 1.3 Clinician’s Reference Manual.1  
  • However, at Mobius Mobility, our service costs on average $40/month – this is less than $500 a year for maintenance.
  • The warranty period for iBOT® components is up to 5 years and warranty labor is covered for 30 days. See warranty here:
  • Mobius Mobility also offers refurbished parts, such as batteries and user controllers, to help keep the costs down as repair is needed.
  • Items are shipped directly from Mobius Mobility, the manufacturer, to you. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected shortages on wheelchair parts for other manufacturers – Mobius Mobility’s products have been in stock and available for immediate shipment throughout the pandemic.
  • We have a direct service model with full time on-staff technicians. When you call, you speak directly to them – we do not have a call center. Our technicians are experts with the iBOT®.
  • We have a 24-hour emergency service line. Simply call our service line at (833) 346-4268 and press 9 for urgent service needs at any time.

Mobius Mobility makes sure service is accessible and reliable. Hear it from one of our users, Mitch: “The first time you sit in an iBOT®, you can feel just how well-built it is, and as the years go by, you come to appreciate its reliability. I ran my original iBOT® for 12 years, and the only service it ever needed was occasional replacement of the usual wear and tear items. My new iBOT® is even better, and the improvements in seating and controls have made a big difference for me. I live in Maine, and I find myself in locations and in weather situations where regular power wheelchair users dare not venture. On those occasions when I do need service, the Mobius Mobility service model shines. First, they provide a 24/7 service phone number — no leaving a message for someone who may or may not return my call. Second, the person answering those calls is an employee, an expert on the iBOT®, someone with direct access to all the resources necessary to address my needs.”

As always, Mobius Mobility is here to help you REACH. CLIMB. GO.! If you have any questions about the iBOT®, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at To book your free demo today, call 833-346-4268.