How do I get an iBOT®?

    1. Acquire a prescription and iBOT® Patient Assessment Form from a physician – click this link to view to download the forms.
    2. Schedule a seating evaluation with an Occupational or Physical Therapist at a wheelchair seating clinic near you and be sure to let us know the date of this appointment. We will have an Assistive Technology Professional (ATP) from Mobius Mobility attend virtually to answer any questions. Mobius Mobility will work with your clinical team to finalize your seating evaluation and generate a quote.
    3. Depending on your payment method, we will submit to prior authorization and/or collect a deposit. Once received, we will begin building your device (up to 6 weeks to build).
    4. You will attend two days of training on your new device with a trainer who has been certified to work with the iBOT®. This may be someone from Mobius Mobility or one of the seating clinics we work with. Training can occur at Mobius Mobility, at one of the certified iBOT® training clinics, or potentially in your home and community, depending on where you live.

    Mobius Mobility can now bill Medicare and some private insurances for the iBOT®. Reach out to us today to see if you are covered and if the iBOT® is right for you: 833-346-4268, or email

    Check out our Funding Your Mobility page for nonprofit resources that may be able to help you fund your iBOT®. If you are interested in financing your iBOT®, please take a look at the following credit unions that have specific loans for the iBOT®.  Either of these resources may be used for device purchases or to help with co-pays and deductibles for the device.


    Service Credit Union