We’ve Got You Covered – What You Need to Know About Insurance and the iBOT® PMD

Big news from Team iBOT®! Mobius Mobility can now bill some private insurances for the iBOT® Personal Mobility Device. Now, many people with private insurance can purchase an iBOT® PMD with funding support from their employer-sponsored health plan.

As part of an intensive, multi-year program to secure reimbursement support for the iBOT® PMD, Mobius Mobility applied and received approval for the applicable insurance billing codes. We also received the required accreditation from Accreditation Commission for Healthcare (ACHC). We’ve already started processing insurance claims for iBOT®s!

For users of the previous generation iBOT®, the iBOT® 4000, this community may remember that Johnson & Johnson was unable to secure insurance coverage of the device. This was a major deciding factor when Johnson & Johnson discontinued the iBOT® 4000. Fast forward to present day, and Mobius Mobility received the required approvals to begin billing insurance for an innovative mobility product – the iBOT® PMD.

Will my insurance cover the iBOT® PMD?

This answer depends on your insurance plan, and as most healthcare consumers know, that can vary widely. The good news is that the iBOT ® PMD has been approved for the insurance codes that apply to most power wheelchairs, and that doctors and therapists are already familiar with. The level of coverage will depend on the functions and seating your clinicians determine you need, and whether your insurance plan accepts their medical justification for these items. Based on an analysis of the most common plans, we expect most insurances to cover between 30% to 70% of an iBOT®’s cost. The other good news is we’ve hired a great team to help you navigate the insurance process. Reach out to them to discuss your options. Call 833-346-4268, or email info@mobiusmobility.com.

Will Medicare cover the iBOT® PMD?

Not yet, but soon. With the needed coding and ACHC accreditation in place, we are now eligible to apply to be a Medicare supplier. We are working diligently on that – the timing is up to Medicare, but we hope to start billing Medicare and Medicare Replacement / Advantage Plans later this year. If you are covered by Medicare and will be looking to replace or upgrade your ride, contact us so we can update you when that happens. If you have an immediate need, we can help you explore alternative funding solutions.

What’s next?

If you are wondering how this news could affect your process of purchasing an iBOT® PMD, reach out to Mobius Mobility today. We stand ready to help you. Visit our Funding Your Mobility page to explore a database of nonprofit organizations that may also be able to assist you with your copay.

Call us at 833-346-4268, or email info@mobiusmobility.com to schedule a demo today.

What else?

Lots of other exciting developments are happening at Mobius Mobility; check out our recent blog post about new product launches ! Plus, visit our Where to Find Us page for a list of events we will be attending, as well as demo opportunities across the country.