The iBOT® is a power wheelchair with more to offer. Featuring four drive modes available to help you get where you want to go, as independently as possible, the iBOT® is ready to match your style: each mode is intended for different environments, terrains, and tasks. In this post, we’ll break down one of the most loved modes: 4-Wheel Mode!

Explore with iBOT®

Want to hit the beach with friends and family? Yep – you can do that in 4-Wheel Mode.

Hoping to explore that hiking trail upstate with your dog? You bet! Do it in 4-Wheel Mode.

Links to some of our favorite New Hampshire hiking spots:

The iBOT®’s 4-Wheel Mode is where accessibility meets the road.  All four wheels are actively engaged moving with scrub-like turning action. This strength and power allow you to move more independently when outside, or while conquering barriers. (Check out our blog post about Standard Mode, which is better for indoor use).  4-Wheel Mode comes with an added bonus, Terrain Following. This feature allows you to maintain your seat angle automatically when going up and down slopes. So, no more falling forward when coming down a hill or incline! Plus, with the powerbase being IPX4 rated against water intrusion, you can simply hose any dirt or debris off before going back inside. It is that easy.

Oh, the Places You’ll Go with iBOT®!

Some examples of what you can do with the iBOT® in 4-Wheel Mode include:

  • Follow your children across the grass to the play structure in the park.
  • Tour a historic district that consists of more cobblestones than accessible curb cuts.
  • Get out of the road and up a 5” curb when some car or construction is blocking the curb cut.
  • Make your way through the snow and get to class or work on time.
  • Travel over sand and get closer to the water’s edge at the beach.
  • Walk your dog on the trails through the park down the street.

Ready to Get Your Wheels Dirty? Contact Team iBOT®

4-Wheel Mode really allows you to access your community like never before. Ready to get your wheels dirty? Contact us with the button below, or by calling 833-346-4268.

Curious about the other three iBOT® drive modes? Check out our blog posts on Balance and Stair Modes.