iBOT® Featured by CBS, New York

iBOT®, The Ferrari Of Wheelchairs, Offers A Lot More Than Just Mobility NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – There has been a breakthrough for people who’ve lost their legs, suffered spinal cord injuries and have other mobility issues. It looks like a souped-up electric wheelchair, but CBS2’s Dr. Max Gomez says don’t call the iBOT a wheelchair.… Read more »

iBOT® Featured in New Mobility Magazine:

The original iBOT® holds the rare distinction of being both a huge failure and a revolutionary industry changer. When inventor Dean Kamen pulled back the curtain on his groundbreaking wheelchair design on national television in 1999, viewers marveled at the chair’s ability to “stand” and balance on two wheels, tackle snow, sand and other tricky… Read more »