Every potential iBOT® user is different. The iBOT® is a complex device, and there are many variations in the way the device can be used and configured. Many users will take advantage of all the Modes this device offers, and, to make the iBOT® available to as many people as possible, the functionality can be adjusted to meet specific needs and abilities.

The iBOT® has many things that make it unique!  Below are a few of its features:

  • Ability to navigate varied terrain – sand, snow, grass, gravel, uneven surfaces
  • Ability to climb 5” obstacles, such as curbs, and traverse slopes up to 12 degrees in 4-wheel Mode
  • With Remote Mode, ability to drive unoccupied up 20 degree slopes, such as up portable ramps into the back of a small SUV
  • Ability for a user solely, or with help of an assistant, to climb stairs
  • 6 available driving modes – Standard, 4-wheel, Balance, Stair, Docking* and Remote
  • Use of lithium-ion batteries that are light weight and offer both longer range per pound of battery and longer battery life
  • Ability to use the iBOT® as a seat in a Motor Vehicle with EZ Lock Docking or 4-Point Tie Down*
  • Providing all this in one device – for indoor and outdoor use


*When all seating components meet occupied seating requirements

Like any medical device, it’s important to use the iBOT® PMD only in accordance with the user manual and provided training. For example, the iBOT® does not determine the appropriate mode selection for the environment or terrain; that is up to you, the user.

The FDA has provided clearance for the iBOT® PMD for sale in the US.

The first step is to see your physician and receive a prescription for an iBOT® PMD.  The iBOT® is a medical device and does require a prescription.  The next step is to see a seating specialist at a wheelchair clinic in your area for a full wheelchair evaluation.  During this appointment, a supplier Assistive Technology Professional (ATP) from Mobius Mobility will attend virtually using a HIPAA-compliant video conferencing platform.  The intent is that by the end of your appointment, your iBOT® order form will be filled out and ready to submit.  Please let us know as soon as your seating evaluation appointment is scheduled.  From there we set up a time for fitting and training.

Yes.  Training is required for all users of the iBOT® Personal Mobility Device.  The iBOT® has been updated since the original version, and this is mandated by the FDA. For many previous users, training on the new iBOT® will go quickly due to the similarities.

The iBOT® PMD can be purchased directly from Mobius Mobility, through the VA, through Casa Colina in Pomona, California, and through 2kerr in the Netherlands. At this time, these are the only authorized dealers.


Current certified training facilities in the US include:


Casa Colina in Pomona, California

  • Contact us and we will connect you to an iBOT®-certified clinician


VA SCI/D Centers

  • Reach out to your VA clinical team and ask about the iBOT®
  • Contact us to learn more about iBOT® training through the VA

Currently, the only option is to do a demo with Mobius Mobility either at our facility in Manchester, NH, at an expo or event we are attending, or during an in-service/demo day in your local area.  Please contact our customer experience team to find out when we will be in your area by emailing [email protected].

Unfortunately, no.  This is a prescription medical device that requires fitting and training, so rentals are not an option.

Please contact us at [email protected] or 1-833-346-4268.  Demos are offered at our facility by appointment. We are also offering demo opportunities across the country at expos and individual facilities. We are happy to let you know when we will be in your area.

You will spend 2-3 days at our training facility in Manchester, NH, or at an approved training facility, for comprehensive training.  Training time varies.  Training modules will cover device components, operation and environments of use in all modes, maintenance, and resolving alerts.


Training is required for all users and is mandated per the FDA.


The iBOT® is a multi-modal device that offers features to help you access a wider variety of environments and situations – so even longtime wheelchair users will need training. If you’re unable to come to New Hampshire for training, there may be other training options available in which a member of our clinical team can travel to your home.

The iBOT® is available in the United States, as well as in Europe. When purchasing in the US, potential users must have a prescription from a doctor and take delivery of the iBOT® at our facility in Manchester, NH or at a certified training location in the United States.

We are actively working on expanding our market and hope to extend further soon. We would be happy to take your contact information and reach out to you at a later date when we reach your area.


For European inquiries please contact:

2KERR Mobility

Parallelweg 21

5321 JA Hedel

The Netherlands


0031 (0)88 – 045 0707


[email protected]

Currently the iBOT® offers seating options from Motion Concepts’ line of Ultra Low Maxx seating.  This includes a variety of backs and sizes, leg rests/footrests, arm rests, head rests and positioning components. Accessories may be added from brands such as Ride Designs, Jay/Sunrise Medical, BodyPoint, KiMobility, Roho and more! Contact us today to talk to a member of our clinical staff and discuss how the iBOT® may be configured to fit your needs. 1-833-346-4268 or [email protected]


We are not able to offer power positioning on the iBOT® at this time.  We understand that there are people who require power positioning seating for pressure management and we do not claim the ability to meet this need. The iBOT® seat has a comfort tilt feature which allows for 21 degrees of tilt in Standard Mode, while stationary. In Balance Mode, the comfort tilt feature is also available, however the exact range is dependent on the user’s center of gravity.

Following clinician input and user training, if Balance or Stair Mode(s) are not recommended, those functions can be turned off.  They can always be turned back on if things change for you and training is completed.

The iBOT® does not climb stairs on its own. The user, or their trained assistant, can climb stairs in an iBOT® by directing its motion.  Stair climbing is more about technique and less about strength.  To initiate solo stair climbing you must have sufficient grip strength to grab a stair railing and enough range of motion to reach the stair railing when seated in the iBOT®.

Some people climb stairs using just their arms. Stair climbing is more about technique than strength. Training could be attempted without an assistant, but we encourage users to bring someone who could be trained as an assistant if solo stair climbing does not work out, or for situations where a hand railing is not available.

Not currently. A printed copy of the user manual will be provided during training. If you lose your copy, we are happy to send you a digital copy.

YES!  The batteries meet the criteria of the United Nations Manual of Tests and Criteria. We provide each user with an Airline Travel Card to instruct airline staff on how the device should be handled and stowed with batteries in unit.

There are two levels of service for the iBOT®: customer replaceable components and technician replaceable components. Many parts can be replaced by the user or an assistant. For example, the wheels and batteries have been designed for easy replacement with only the use of hand tools. The user controller can be replaced via a simple cable connector.

You can call us at 833-3GO-IBOT (833-346-4268)  or email [email protected] to resolve the majority of service needs over the phone, including when your device displays a service code.

For repairs that require a technician, we will provide a service call, connect you to a certified iBOT® service technician, or assist you in shipping your device back to us in New Hampshire (only for major service). We are unable to provide loaner devices during times of repair.

Our hours of operation are currently Mon-Fri 9:00-5:00 ET with major holidays being observed.

All service requests should be directed to (833) 346-4268 (dial option 5).  Our Mobius Mobility Service Technicians will address your call as quickly as possible.  If you need immediate iBOT® assistance, call (833) 346-4268 and dial option 9.

  • You must have sufficient motor skills to use a standard, armrest-mounted joystick and to activate buttons on the user controller.
  • You must be able to maintain a relatively consistent seating posture. This can be done with or without external supports and/or periodic re-positioning.
  • For persons with skin integrity challenges, you must be able to do independent pressure relief if you plan to use the iBOT® for more than one hour. This process may be enhanced by the use of a specialized skin-protecting cushion.

$31,649 for the standard equipment package. Final price may vary with options and seating requirements.

The iBOT® PMD is currently not covered by all insurance sources. You are encouraged to check with your insurance company to see if they will provide coverage. Some users have found success with paying out of pocket and then applying for reimbursement through their private insurer.

Mobius Mobility does not submit for insurance coverage.

We will provide our paperwork for someone interested in seeking coverage themselves.

We are continuing to gather data to help support and encourage greater coverage across insurance carriers, so we encourage you to share your story with us.

The iBOT® is covered under the Federal Supply Schedule Contract Number: 36F79721D0202. Based on clinical evaluation, it is available at no charge to Veterans. Many VA facilities have covered the iBOT® for Veterans – we encourage you to go to your local VA and inquire about the iBOT® and schedule a seating assessment. If you have questions about the process, please reach out to us at [email protected] or 1-833-346-4268.

Typically, once you have had your seating evaluation, we need approximately 45-60 days to complete your order.  Soon after your seating evaluation, we can schedule your training.

Payments can be made by certified check, bank check, wire transfer or credit card.  All credit card payments will be subject to a 3.6% credit card surcharge fee.

Mobius Mobility also accepts CareCredit with no additional surcharge fee.

Additionally, we work with countless non-profits and fundraising organizations, and organizations that finance mobility equipment including iBOT®s. Reach out to us to be connected with our Funding Specialist.

Mobius Mobility Customer Experience Specialists can provide you funding assistance information with respect to resources that are available. Call us at 833-3GO-IBOT (833-346-4268), or email [email protected] to get in touch!

We work with countless non-profits and fundraising organizations.  Additionally, we are working with organizations that finance mobility equipment including iBOT®s. Reach out today to start your iBOT journey.

The updated iBOT® was reclassified with the FDA as a Class II medical device, allowing more options for customizing seat configuration to accommodate a greater number of users. The new seating configuration uses Motion Concepts Ultra Low Maxx seating with approved options for further customization (arm rests, leg rests, etc.). The design was also updated from the previous generation to contain upgraded electronics and Li-ion batteries for better performance and life.  The user controller was also updated for more intuitive operation.

540 N. Commercial St.

Suite 310

Manchester, NH 03101

We have our clinicians on staff to assist you.  Once the order process has been started, one of our clinicians will be assigned and available to communicate via phone and HIPAA-compliant video conferencing system.

Our clinical team may be reached directly at [email protected] with any questions. We can also provide your doctor with an iBOT® prescription template that they may fill out and sign.

Yes, the iBOT® is approved for Occupied Transport. The available securement systems include 4-point tie down and an iBOT® EZ Lock docking system*.

*When all seating components meet occupied seating requirements

We are not yet approved for CEU’s, however per RESNA: 

Up to 10 contact hours (sometimes measured as CECs) are allowed for other AT-related training that isn’t approved by IACET, a professional society, an academic institution, or a state licensing board. The certificate of attendance for a training session must include the attendee’s name, the date(s) and length of the course (in hours), and the speaker/sponsor signature. A maximum of 3 hours of in-service product training per year will be accepted as contact hours; the “In-Service Training Form” found in the Recertification Application must be used to document AT-related in-service sessions.

We provide a certificate with the number of CECs completed to everyone who completes training with us.

The iBOT® does not come with built in lights; however, we do offer a lighting package that can be purchased as an additional accessory. You may choose a lighting package with or without directional turn signals.

The iBOT® is manufactured, assembled, and built in the USA by Mobius Mobility!