The documents below are required for continuing the iBOT® journey. Please feel free to call us at 1-833-346-4268.

Form Name (Click to access)Responsible PartyAction to Take
Customer Intake FormProspective iBOT® User OR Authorized RepresentativeFill in and Sign.
iBOT® Customer HandbookProspective iBOT® User OR Authorized RepresentativeReview.
iBOT® Prescription TemplateMedical Professional – DoctorBring to your physician for completion and signature.
iBOT® Patient Assessment FormMedical ProfessionalMD, PT, or OTBring to your physician or therapist for completion and signature.
iBOT® Assistant Assessment FormAssistant(s)Optional. To be reviewed with any assistant(s) prior to assisted stair climbing.

Please email all forms to our secure inbox at OR fax them to 603-621-0789.