Meet the Mobius Mobility Team!

Mobius Mobility is fueled by compassion, striving to improve lives, and seeing the endless possibilities in the power of technology to do good. Housed in one of the largest industrial complexes of its time, the historic Amoskeag Millyard in Manchester New Hampshire, Mobius employs a small team of professionals among the best in their respective fields! Team iBOTĀ® is dedicated to providing the highest degree of service and training to our clients.

Alex Doyon
Technical Support Specialists Extension: 6016
Brandon Powers
Service Technician Extension: 6012
Cheryl Grant
Customer Experience Specialist Extension: 6703
Dawn Hameline
Clinical Education and Outreach Extension: 6347
Dan Hunton
Quality Specialist Extension: 6007
David Kontak
Supplier ATP Extension: 6011
Frank Sanchez
Technical Support Specialist Extension: 6008
Jailene McLain
Customer Experience and Outreach Manager Extension: 6602
Jennifer Nutter
Product Manager Extension: N/A
Jarrett Porter
Technical Support Specialist Extension: 6013
Joe Sullivan
Quality and Regulatory Affairs Manager Extension: 6465
Lucas Merrow
CEO Extension: 6520
Megan Yeigh
Program Manager Extension: 6009
Laura Gilman
External Partnership Specialist Extension:
Nate Ryan
Technical Support Specialists Extension: 6015
Rob Tacker
Supplier ATP Extension: 6431
Samantha Zimmermann
Clinical Education and Outreach Extension: N/A
Stephanie Huot
Customer Experience Specialist Extension: 6014