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Honoring Our Veterans

“The iBOT® is more than just a power chair. It is independence and freedom of movement. It is the ability to live a life where I can overcome most barriers and enjoy more of what the world has to offer.”

Gary Linfoot, Army Veteran & iBOT® User

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From left to right: Army Veteran Trevor Baucom, Army Veteran Gary Linfoot, Army Veteran Jerry DeVaul, Marine Corps Veteran Ed Beesley and Army Veteran Latseen Benson.

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Road Map to Independence

Obtaining an iBOT® through the VA or community care is a process that Mobius Mobility can help you with. We have created digital road maps to help veterans achieve freedom of mobility.

Road Map to Independence 

Do you receive your care through the VA?

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Support for Our Veterans

There are Veteran Service Organizations (VSOs) who staff accredited National Service Officers (NSOs) across the country. These officers are able to assist you in this process as well. For a summarized list of where to contact them, click the button below.

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Why iBOT®?

The iBOT® can be a life-changing device for those who need it. Members of the iBOT® veteran community include, but are not limited to, people with:

•Spinal cord injuries

•Lower extremity amputations

•Congenital deformities

•Neurological conditions

•Other mobility challenges.

For just a few answers to the question “Why iBOT®?”, click the button below.

VA Sites to Contact About the iBOT®

The iBOT®  is available through ALL VA healthcare systems. Check out our map that highlights the VA sites that Mobius Mobility has worked with in the past. There is also a searchable list of VA sites on this page. Click the button below. 

VA sites with iBOT devices map

Frequently Veteran-Asked Questions

I am a veteran and would like to begin the process of receiving an iBOT®. Where do I start?

It is recommended that you start by requesting a power wheelchair assessment from your PCP, physiatrist, or neurologist (this person can be VA or non-VA related). If you are seen at a VA Spinal Cord Injury & Disease Center, they may have an iBOT® available for you to see and/or demo. Reach out to Mobius Mobility for assistance in beginning this process.

Where can I demo an iBOT®?

If you are interested in a demo of the iBOT®, and are eligible for VA healthcare, there is an iBOT® located at 23 of the VA Veteran Spinal Cord Injury & Disease Centers across the country. In some cases, Mobius Mobility may be able to provide a demo at your local VA or home, and you are welcome to visit our main location in Manchester, NH. Demos are also possible at many of the events and expos that Mobius Mobility participates in. Check out our Where to Find Us page to sign up for a demo at an event.

Do I need to have a spinal cord injury or illness to receive an iBOT® through the Veterans Administration?

No. Your injury or illness does not have to be spinal cord injury related. Here is a list of frequent reason iBOT®’s are prescribed for veterans:

·      Lower extremity amputations

·      Congenital disorders

·      Neurological conditions

·      Other mobility challenges.

Do I need a doctor’s prescription or consult to receive or demo an iBOT®?

You need a doctor’s prescription to obtain an iBOT®. You do not need a doctor’s prescription to demo an iBOT®.

If you receive your care at the VA, you will need to consult your clinician/therapist about having a demo and being assessed. If you do not receive your care at the VA and wish to have a demo from someone on the Mobius Mobility team, a member of our team will ask you a few questions to make sure that trying the iBOT® is a good fit for you.

I receive care through the VA for a non-service connected spinal cord injury. Am I eligible for an iBOT®?

An iBOT® assessment by your healthcare team will determine whether an iBOT® will meet your needs. You do not need to have a service-connected spinal cord injury to obtain an iBOT®.

Is the cost of the iBOT® covered by the VA or do I have to pay for it?

There is no charge for qualified veterans. The cost of an iBOT® is completely covered by the VA under Federal Supply Schedule contract #36F79721D0202.

What should I say to my Primary Care Physician or PM&R at the VA to demo or receive an iBOT®?

You should be honest with your clinical team about your needs, and how the iBOT® can help improve your health, independence, and quality of life. To review iBOT® technical specifications and how they relate to daily life click the button below.

If you still have questions about the iBOT® and would like to get in touch with our veteran relations or community management team, click the button below.

Veteran User Stories