The table below lists reasons why an iBOT® may help you live a more independent life.

Mode/ItemUnique FeaturesSample reason it is needed
Standard ModeWater resistant power base – can be hosed down
following outdoor activities to travel back indoors in one device

Comfort Tilt allows up to 20 degrees of tilt

Drive up to 6.8 mph
Keeps home cleaner

Travel further with better battery life

Low floor to knee height allows safe and easy access under tables, desks, etc.

Comfort tilt for relaxed seating
4-Wheel ModeClimb curbs up to 5” tall

Drive on soft or loose
terrain (such as dirt, grass, gravel, and/or snow)

Terrain following keeps the seat level to the changing terrain (up or down slopes) automatically
Access sidewalks, cobblestone walkways, gravel driveways

Better reach for access to daily chores like cooking, laundry, etc.

Access businesses/restaurants with tall thresholds or single step up

Reach cabinets, shelves, freezer, etc.

Ability to go out and drive through snow

Great for recreation such as fishing, shooting, archery, and more

Take the iBOT® to parks, beaches, hiking trails, and other uneven terrain for recreation and leisure

Get into non-ADA-compliant buildings

Access the home using a ramp while maintaining a safe, seated posture when ascending and descending the incline

Provides stability when descending ramps for those with gravitational instability and trunk weakness
Balance ModeElevates seat-to-floor height from 18.7” (Standard Mode) to between 30.5” and 35.8”

Travels up to 21 miles on a charge
Because wheelchair users are often at a lower height, they are at high risk for developing repetitive stress injuries (RSI) of the cervical spine (neck) and shoulder complex (shoulder). A wheelchair seat in an elevated position minimizes the risk of RSI.

Better access to daily chores like cooking, laundry, etc.

Reach cabinets, shelves, freezer, etc.

Be more engaged in social settings – socialize and travel at eye level with others

At a higher seated level, Balance Mode provides better viewing for concerts, fairs, presentations, etc., especially when ADA access is limited or unavailable
Stair ModeClimb stairs independently or with a trained assistantAccess environments where stairs are a barrier, such as homes of friends, family, & neighbors

Access necessary community areas you couldn’t before due to stairs, such as libraries, government buildings, and schools
Remote ModeMove the device unoccupied

Climb up to 20-degree slopes
Move device more easily around bed/toilet/couch when not in the device using remote cable

Use portable ramps to drive the iBOT® into and out of vehicles – with the available fold-down back, the iBOT® fits in the trunk of standard SUVs, minivans, and trucks
Drive from the iBOT®WC-19 Transit Approved with two options:

iBOT® EZ Lock

NMEDA Approved 4-Point Tie Down
Ride in or drive your vehicle securely without transferring