New from Team iBOT®: Product Launches

Recent product releases from Mobius Mobility can elevate your iBOT® game. From Caster Bumpers to X-TREME Wheels, Mobius Mobility has all your part needs covered. Continue reading for information about each product release, with links to the online iBOT® store to purchase.

Caster Bumpers

  • Do you find yourself constantly bumping into objects or furniture while driving your iBOT®? Mobius Mobility has a solution for you – Caster Bumpers! These helpful buffers prevent damage to the iBOT® caster arms and footplate. They also armor your iBOT® and help you to avoid dings to furniture while driving in tight doorways and smaller spaces.
  • Each caster bumper increases the width of the iBOT® by .75 inches on either side, or 1.5 inches total.

X-TREME All Terrain Wheels

  • X-TREME Wheels are great for outdoor terrain and rough surfaces, like sand and snow.
  • Each wheel is 4 inches wide. The full set increases the width of the device by 4 inches and the weight of the device by about 18 pounds.
  • With provided instructions, these wheels don’t require a technician to install. They can be used in any mode and any iBOT® compatible terrain.

iBOT® Travel Cover

  • If you travel frequently, Mobius Mobility has an essential product for you – the iBOT® Travel Cover. Protect your device from the elements and from rough handling. This cover is made from weather resistant nylon and will cover your device’s entire seat.
  • Since most wheelchairs don’t have stair climbing capabilities, we had this custom cover designed to accommodate the fold down backrest with an Assist Handle.


  • For those who use a power wheelchair, nighttime visibility is a must. Protect yourself and your device with lights!
  • Mobius Mobility now offers 2 lighting packages. One option is from Motion Concepts and features sleek headlights and taillights. The other option is from Bayard lights, which feature hazards and blinkers.
  • To purchase, reach out to Mobius Mobility!

Low Height Toggles

low height toggles
  • Have you had trouble with accidentally bumping your shortcut toggles? We made a lower profile toggle that may be a better option for you. You can easily use your fingertip or knuckle to press each button.

Mobius Mobility is here to help you REACH. CLIMB. GO. to new heights, new places, and new experiences. Stay tuned for more product releases from team iBOT® – follow us on social media @mobiusmobility or reach out to us at for more information! Call 833-346-4268 to schedule a demo today.