Since its inception, Mobius Mobility has prioritized veterans and their freedom of mobility. In fact, the very first iBOT® PMD that rolled off the manufacturing line in Manchester, New Hampshire went to a veteran. We were honored and happy to fulfill his request that he receive serial number one!

We also support and advocate for our veteran employees. This Veterans Day, team iBOT® is thinking of our veteran employees and feeling grateful for their service. Hear from Patrick, Pete, and Michael about their days in the military, as well as what their time at Mobius Mobility means to them.

Patrick, on Mobius Mobility’s Shipping and Receiving team, served as part of the Army National Guard. Originally stationed in Franklin, New Hampshire as part of the 160th Engineer Company DET, Patrick has done annual training at the Pease Air Force Base and was ordered to station in Poland for Operation NATO.

Patrick enlisted because almost his entire family had joined the military – “it felt like the right thing to do,” Patrick said. Serving also allowed him to travel the world, and it paid for his college education.

One of the best memories of his service was building a base in Poland and working with lots of different allied European military units, to achieve the same goal. “It was one of the coolest experiences I have ever had.”

Acclimating to life post-service can be challenging for many veterans and can come with stress. To adjust “find a hobby with a group of people, or start a sports team,” Patrick said. “In the military, when you are surrounded by so many people every day, serving for years with people you call brothers…seeing them more than your own family, and then suddenly it stops, you have that aspect of your life removed from your daily routine as quick as a snap of your fingers. It can mess with your mindset.”

“Find a family like here at Mobius Mobility. Here, the team treats you with the best comradery any veteran could ever ask for,” Patrick said. “It is also great to have a fellow battle buddy that works here too – Pete!”

Pete is one of Mobius Mobility’s Service Technicians. He served in the army for 6 years, in states across the US as well as South Korea.  

Why Pete served, he said, came down to “good ol’ fashion patriotism.” Plus, “I’ve always liked the idea of working for the greater good,” Pete added. Most of his professional life was spent in government service, both military and civilian. He liked that what he did was in service to the nation and part of a broader mission. 

“And that’s what I love about Mobius Mobility  – we are all about the mission of helping people with disabilities. We place putting iBOT®s under the seats of people who need them far above financial gain. The purpose of the company isn’t to maximize profits, it is to bring iBOT®s to the people. And we act as such,” Pete said.

Michael, Manager of Veteran Programs & Outreach, a veteran and iBOT® user himself, served in a variety of places throughout the US, as well as deployments in Central and South America and the Caribbean Antilles. Michael initially enlisted in the Marines Corps and subsequently in the Coast Guard, collectively serving 10 years from 1986 to 1996 during the Cold War and the Gulf War “Desert Storm/Shield” eras.

On why he enlisted, Michael said: “I was raised in a family with great respect for and a long history of military service. My grandfather was a combat-wounded Purple Heart recipient … during WWI and WWII… My father served in-country during the Vietnam War … My stepfather served in Korea in the Army, my uncle served in Europe while in the Air Force, and my younger brother served in the Coast Guard.”

“I have always had the mind set of ‘making a difference’ in everything I do,” Michael said. “At Mobius Mobility I’m able to leverage and share my military experience to advocate for veterans and others to gain access to innovative technologies like the iBOT®. Also, as an iBOT® user myself, I can speak first-hand of how it’s made a positive difference in overcoming a variety of access challenges for me.”

“It was an honor and privilege for veterans  to have worn the sacred cloth of our nation’s uniforms. These men and women have been forever changed by their service and will be a part of our nation’s proud lineage of protection and military service. They do not expect or ask for accolades or pats on the back. The best way to honor our veterans, beyond saying ‘Thank you’, is to simply live a life worthy of their sacrifices,” Michael said.

Mobius Mobility thanks our veteran employees – and all veterans across the country – for their dedication and sacrifice. Mobius Mobility is a Platinum Veteran-Friendly Business through the state of New Hampshire. For employment opportunities, check out our Careers page.

For more information about the iBOT® and veterans, visit our Veterans page.