What You Need to Know About Medicare & the iBOT® PMD

It’s time for celebration! Mobius Mobility is now a Participating Provider with Medicare for the iBOT® PMD. Now, many people with Medicare can purchase an iBOT® PMD with financial support from their health plan, and Mobius Mobility can bill Medicare on their behalf.

Accessibility and affordability challenges are amongst the biggest obstacles that wheelchair users face. Now, with Medicare coverage, the iBOT® is more financially accessible to people who need power wheelchairs for mobility.

The exact amount Medicare will reimburse for your iBOT® depends on what your doctor determines is medically necessary under Medicare requirements.

What’s next?

If you are wondering how this news could affect your decision to acquire an iBOT® PMD, reach out to Mobius Mobility today. We are ready to help you. Visit our Funding Your Mobility page to explore a database of nonprofit organizations that may also be able to assist you with your copay.

Call us at 833-346-4268, or email info@mobiusmobility.com to schedule a demo today.

What else?

Lots of other exciting developments are happening at Mobius Mobility; check out our recent blog post about new product launches! Plus, visit our Where to Find Us page for a list of events we will be attending, as well as demo opportunities across the country.