When a wheelchair user becomes a part of the iBOT® community, there are some aspects of their new life that they may need to adapt to – specifically, removing the word “no”, and adding the word “yes.” With multiple driving modes to meet almost any occasion or terrain, customized seating, and add-on accessories to elevate your mobility game, the iBOT® opens up a whole world of possibilities – beyond what is normally deemed “accessible.” Break down barriers and get out there to explore a whole new world.

Attending community events with unknown accessibility – that concert with your favorite band? You can be sure to see the action in Balance Mode. Say yes to buying those tickets!

New brunch spot in your neighborhood with five steps out front? It’s not an issue with Stair Mode – say yes to meeting your friends!

Beach day with your buddies? 4-Wheel Mode makes it possible – say yes to sandy wheels.

Need to head back inside after hitting the hiking trails? Simply hose off the iBOT® and return to work, school, or home. Say yes to indoor and outdoor adventures.

Interested in saying “yes” to more parts of life? Reach out to Mobius Mobility to test drive the iBOT®. Click here to fill out our form to be connected to a team member or call 833-346-4268. If you are interested in learning about funding options, click here.