The iBOT® PMD contains six different modes that allow for increased access to varying terrains. Remote Mode allows you to load the iBOT® into a vehicle. This mode is used to move the iBOT® while unoccupied using the joystick. With the front of the iBOT® facing uphill, the device may be driven up a ramp (up to 20 degrees).

An advantage of the iBOT®’s Remote Mode is the ability to detach the joystick using the quick release lever and being able to attach a 6-foot extension cable to the joystick. This extra length allows for greater flexibility, access, and convenience when loading the iBOT® into a vehicle. If a person is unable to drive their unoccupied iBOT® up a ramp into the back of a vehicle with the joystick in place, this additional cable length is a benefit that allows for almost anyone to independently load the iBOT® into the vehicle.

It should be noted that the speed and acceleration of the iBOT® is restricted when the device is in Remote Mode. The iBalance technology is not active, the caster wheels are raised off the ground, and the four drive wheels are on the ground.

Remote Mode does not mean that the iBOT® can be driven via Bluetooth from a separate device like a phone. Remote Mode is a safe and effective way for someone to load the iBOT® into a vehicle.

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